Given at the 2018 METRO Symposium, Libraries in the Context of Capitalism, this presentation addressed how the for-profit nature of art gallery research affects the way information is gathered and prioritized, as well as the benefits and disadvantages such an environment creates.

Art gallery librarians are still a relatively new phenomenon in the gallery and library world, as such, the experiences and work of these specialized professionals is often overlooked when discussing librarianship.  However, many of the projects art gallery librarians take on have applicability outside of the corporate art world, and this presentation aimed to shed light on this.

This presentation was adapted for a lighting round discussion at the 2018 Art Libraries Society of North America's Annual Conference as "The Pseudo-Solo Librarian: An Art Gallery Librarian in a Global Gallery System."



  • Case study

  • Contextual inquiry

  • Interviews


  • Galleries exist to sell art, but there has been a move to incorporate high level art research into the process

  • Job of information professionals remain the same: still provide access to information; however, prioritization differs


  • Presentation at the 2018 METRO Symposium 

  • Presentation at the 2018 ARLIS/NA Annual Conference

View the METRO presentation

View the ARLIS/NA presentation