A Catalogue Raisonné (or CR) is a comprehensive, annotated listing of all the known works of an artist either in a particular medium or their entire oeuvre; however, not all artists have catalogue raisonnés, and not all catalogue raisonnés are created equal in regards to quality of information and accuracy. As an art librarian, I was constantly fielding questions about what resources were available in the library at which I work, specifically when it came to catalogue raisonnés. Thus I set out to determine the best way to help users find and retrieve this information.






  • Competitor analysis and feature inventory

  • User interviews

  • Affinity mapping

  • Persona creation

  • Storyboarding

  • Feature Prioritization

  • User and Screen flows

  • Prototyping (paper through hi-fi)

  • Usability testing


  • Users don't often know precisely what a Catalogue Raisonné is

  • Users want assurance that they are looking at a complete list of available resources

  • Concerned with how authoritative a resource is

  • Speed is paramount, from searching to access  


  • Presentation of process and findings to facilitate further research

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